This Women’s Month we are profiling our favorite girl known by many as ‘The Lazy Chef” Makhiba Modupe, she is unquestionably a food enthusiast from Botshabelo who is insanely obsessed and in love with food and anything food-related. She professionally trained as a chef and her food speaks for itself. The Lazy Chef utilizes social media to showcases her work, mainly Instagram as it is the platform, she uses the most. “Social media in my case and business has been the most helpful tool in terms of introducing & growing my brand & business.” Social media has assisted her in getting her business known and indisputably opened a whole new world and business for her as a content creator as well.

Makhiba is a source of inspiration for many people, but she also admires certain people in the industry for many different reasons. She likes traditional food and “Les da Chef used to embrace and shine such an amazing spotlight on traditional food and that inspired me a lot.” Also, “There is also an amazing private chef called Chef Scott, he is doing amazing as a private chef and bringing a spotlight to private chefs in South Africa which wasn’t always the case.” 

The Lazy Chef received the most incredible opportunities and recognition both locally and nationally and have been blessed to be featured on “Get it magazine (twice), BFN Courant, Lesedi FM, The Hear to Ask Podcast, and an amazing interview on Morning Live. “I have also gotten a few amazing opportunities to partner and collaborate with some local and national brands, Ubuntu Evoo, Rooted craft beers, FiftyOne Cider, Parmalat, Vodacom & Eskort.” Owning a Culinary Academy, restaurant and even a food truck won’t happen overnight, it requires a lot of effort work and capital. However, this remains her dream, even though for now she is still working on acquiring the necessary skills to successfully start and maintain the businesses she wants to start.

She has been focusing more on content creation and collaborations for now and will be doing a few exciting campaigns for spring with a few brands, “most of my work and business requires getting people to be in one place at once, I have taken a break as I do not want to risk people’s lives and health.”

This is what she had to say to people who would one day wish to be in her position “Have fun, always be willing to learn, respect your work, be consistent and try to build honest relationships with people you meet along the way as they will help get you to your destination quicker.” 💕

-Twitter & IG: @thelazychef_za

-Facebook: The Lazy Chef Za