A rose amongst the thorns hailing from the Eastern Cape, Augusta Kubalo is a beautician based in Willows Bloemfontein. She comes from a family of business minded people and she has always known she will be in the beauty industry, Augusta studied at two different beauty institutions in Johannesburg and also studied in Bloemfontein that’s when she decided to open her beauty business back in 2015. She has always been fascinated by hair and beauty from a young age but most especially after a friend recommended, she starts selling weaves that’s when she knew that she’s destined for this type of business even though she was a bit skeptical on where to start. As with most businesses her beauty shop also struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic but her loyal clients came through for her by booking private sessions but on a personal level Augusta believes she has grown during that time because she was getting closer to God and understanding herself  and her business she describes this as a breather she needed at that time. 

She exclaims that few of the challenges she faced was people undermining her and also disrespecting her and her work just because she was working from her flat at the time but she didn’t let that derail her as she knows her worth and how good she is at what she does and she always gives her absolute best to her clients and that’s what makes her stand out. Augusta is spiritually driven she believes she’s on this earth for a purpose and she will fulfill that and her daughter is also a big inspiration because she pushes her to be a greater version of herself everyday and we can never forget the bills that need to be paid.

As a young person she believes that other young people should be able to live out their full potential she advices them to love what they do and post towards making it work. She also advices people to stay in their lane , have a vision and working with it and don’t mind the naysayers just focus on your plan and work towards it, dream big and work even harder towards making your dreams come true and don’t forget to make good connections along the way. Augusta is not an avid reader of books but she gets inspiration from pages or people she follows on social media platforms and she makes research on the beauty industry so she can always get new ideas. As we are approaching wedding and matric farewell season you need to look super great on your big day and there is one way we know how by getting into contact with Augusta on Instagram and Facebook her handle is Crystal Mobile Beautician or if you want to go to her place of work she is situated at 46 King Edward Street Willows Bloemfontein or you can contact her on 079 4585 741 on WhatsApp and for calls you can reach her on 083 5674 031.