Martial arts, sports enthusiast and gold medal winner at the 2022 Commonwealth Karate Championships hosted in Birmingham England 14-year Bohlokwa Khitsane better known as BK born and bred in Harrismith, Free State. This young man is a karateka for the South African National team also known as the Proteas surprisingly Bohlokwa was never inspired to partake in karate because he started at a young age, and he fell in love with it and later realized that this is his passion and something he would like to do. As most 14 year old’s Bohlokwa is a scholar and he admits that karate does take up most of his but he has been doing it for 11 years now so he makes enough time to catch up and also pass his grades despite traveling a lot, he explains it by saying “ Yes it does sometimes disturb my school most especially when I’m travelling but as a good learner as soon as I come back I catch up”.

Being a child and having to maneuver between your passion and also doing well in school needs a different kind of super power but BK does not only have the support of his family but his entire school they help make everything easier for him and that keeps the fire burning inside him to keep going and he always remembers his proud mothers words “ Stay humble and keep working hard towards making your dream a reality because you are capable” even though she also believes karate isn’t really recognized in the country and it was difficult to raise funds for Bohlokwa to attend the Commonwealth Champions. Bohlokwa Khitsane represented South Africa at the 10th Commonwealth Karate Championships held in Birmingham, England where Khitsane won three medals one being a gold medal in his category for the championship an immensely proud moment not only for him but for his whole and coach Charlene Stopforth from Harrismith JKA Karate. Being part of the national team did not come easy for Bohlokwa because he had to compete in different tournaments until he had to be chosen for the national squad and not only did, he make the team but is ranked number one in his age group.

Bohlokwa Khitsane does not see himself doing anything else than karate till a certain age he says, “I don’t have other interest as of yet than being an athlete fighting for this country the way I know how and that is by doing karate.” This sport has taught him discipline and hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard, and he does believe he is disciplined and dedicated. From us here at #BGR we wish Bohlokwa Khitsane all the best with all his future endeavors we cannot wait to see him win more medals in future.