Hair and Beauty specialist Nthabiseng Mosala grew up in the small town of Thaba Nchu in the Free State with both her parents and younger sibling. After matriculating from Brebner High School in 2012, she continued her studies at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein where she obtained her National Diploma and B-tech Degree in Public Management. “Growing up I’ve always had a love for fashion and beauty which was influenced by my beloved mother. In 2017, I was propelled by this passion to venture into the hair industry and the business is solely based on social media” Nthabiseng says.

Since starting @hair_by_nthabi, she lists having to deal with South African Customs and their strict regulations with regards to importing and exporting products as one of her biggest challenges. “For example, when my packages are being held up at customs for a duration of up to two weeks, I constantly have to explain to my clients why they have not received their products. I have had to teach myself about the process of receiving packages through customs so that I am able to explain, coherently and clearly, what the process is because this is something that can make or break the trust between you and your clients” she explains. Apart from customs, she mentions that courier companies can also cause a delay in her clients receiving their products.

Despite the nightmare of having to deal with customs and courier services, Nthabiseng is most proud of being the first child to graduate in her and seeing her company grow from strength to strength when she was extremely resistant in starting it. “I had minimum knowledge on what it entails to run a business but I went after something that had been tugging at my spirit for a while and seeing it grow has been amazing, especially since technology now allows us to run our businesses online.” Her company @hair_by_nthabi has received immense support from all over the country and in Lesotho.

Nthabiseng believes that she rocks because she is a confident young woman who believes in embracing one’s truest talents, passion, beauty and sense of worth. She’s a firm believer of working with what you have, regardless of what the circumstance may be. “I always make the decision that my circumstances work in my favour and I am constantly striving for independence and financial freedom, in search of growth and trying to excel with all that’s offered to me.”

Her dreams for the future include going into property and building a strong property portfolio which will expose her to more success as a young black female and ultimately afford her financial freedom.

You can follow @hair_by_nthabi on Instagram for affordable good quality hair.