This month in #BloemGirlsRock, we profile the amazing Thato Gaorekwe. Thato is a young, driven lady who has aspirations of touching lives and inspiring change through attaining her goals. Born and raised in Bloemfontein, she attended Tsoseletso High School and went on to further her studies at the Central University of Technology doing a course in Marketing Management.

During her studies she also started working as a Sales Assistant at the age of 20 and later on at a local newspaper earning just R300 a month, which was tough considering that the money barely covered lunch or her monthly transport fees but with the high and increasing unemployment rate she could not afford to let go of this opportunity. She stayed at the newspaper for well over 2 years gaining all the experience and knowledge she could because she knew that eventually things would work out in her favour. Her mother always encouraged her to make the most of the little that she made and although she was often envious of those who seemed to be further ahead in life, she knew her time would come as she had witnessed her mother overcome many obstacles that came with being a single parent.

In 2008 she started to work for a media company based both in Bloem and Lesotho where she learnt a lot in her 7 years there as an advertising consultant. “They taught me a lot but what I took from them the most is to be disciplined and respect each and every client equally, regardless of how much money they brought into the company” she said. She then decided that it was time for her to register her own company and because things were quiet in the beginning, she started to look for a job while waiting for things to pick up. She found a job as a Sales Executive at the Advertising Agency of the Free State Government. She worked there for 2 years before moving back to head her company as the Director of Full House Media, which is the publisher for the Mail Newspaper.

She says growing up, one of her dreams has always been to be her own boss like Meryl Streep on “The Devil Wears Prada”. Her biggest dream at the moment is to build an empire as one of the biggest printing warehouses in the country. Thato rocks because she is the first black woman to infiltrate the media space in the Free State, which had been occupied by males only. 👑💎