Born and raised in Bloemfontein “The City of Roses”, Sue Watson studied BSc at the University of the Free State and then started her career as a Maths teacher and later went on to a career that would last 15 years in IQVIA, then known as Quintiles. Sue took a 3 year long break to focus on Posh Lab as a business and franchise and returned in 2016 again to IQVIA where she still worked while being the owner of Posh Lab Westdene and Director of the Posh Lab franchise.

One of the challenges she’s faced was instilling a new concept in Bloemfontein that focused on a model that was open almost every day of the year and till late at night. “We also believe in the upskill of staff which poses a unique set of challenges. For the past 2 years the local economy has been a challenge to the beauty industry as a whole and Posh Lab was no exception and needed to adopt to continue to put our customers first”,  Sue says.

However, having built a business from the ground up based only on a dream and a lot of passion is what she is most proud of. “To me, that is the true definition of entrepreneurship. I am proud of the difference Posh Lab has made in the lives of its staff and clients over the past 6 years of our existence.”

Sue says passion is what is required for persistence which she counts as one of her biggest strengths. Having raised the bar in a competitive and often struggling economy is probably what has set Posh Lab aside and why it continues to have such a large client base in this day and age. Their ability to serve clients from different cultures, backgrounds and age is probably something that she feels the most grateful for and this is why both she and Posh Lab ROCK!

With a strong desire to define and live a life of purpose, she says Posh Lab has given her the opportunity to make a large impact on the lives of those around her. They now have strong and experienced managers/owners at both salons which allows her to focus more on the continuation of goodwill to their staff, clients and the general public. Over the past few years this has become a much stronger desire and is shaping hopes and dreams for the future.