Hometown: Colesberg

Title: Law Researcher at the Constitutional Court

What makes you an upcoming trailblazer?

I consider my name Sinako – which directly translated means “We Can” and has become my guru mantra, the first reason why I am regarded as an upcoming trailblazer.

To me, a trailblazer is a good leader, she is dynamic and adaptable, and importantly she shows that it is also possible for other people. These are some of the attributes that have directly contributed to what I have been able to achieve this far. When I was in University I started a blog with an objective to inspire young girls who come from underprivileged backgrounds to make-do with their circumstances, through which I showcased two or more ways to wear a simple outfit as a mechanism to directly address some of the pressures young girls are faced with in University, where your ideal wardrobe is a far fetched dream because your tuition is in the first place a sacrifice for your family. When I was appointed at the Constitutional Court and eventually became the first from the University of Free State to clerk for the Deputy Chief Justice; black and female, I saw it as an opportunity to empower others through the Sinako We Can project which is the first of its kind and in its infancy has gotten me the honour of being selected as a top 10 candidate for the Next Generation Women Leaders Award by McKinsey & Co in 2018.

I realize my potential and the powerful impact of the platforms that I have been given, and always ask “what more can I do to generate change and to develop my capabilities regarding how I can have a greater impact in the society.” I have a series of goals that I have set out and recognize with relative precision when it is time to move from one goal to the other, constantly seeking to affirm to those who like myself have come from nothing, that you are worthy of your wildest dreams. We can triumph, we can overcome and we can become great. Sinako- we can!

How would you encourage today’s youth?

I would tell them you are what you think you are, therefore be careful of how you define yourself. Whatever you choose will become the loudest voice in your head. Believe you can and you will.

How are you spending youth day 2018?

I will be spending youth day 2018 with four of my Sinako We Can mentees. We will have an intimate lunch where I get to hear about the progress they have made since our last engagement, what are some of the challenges they are currently facing , where and how I can lend a hand.