This week in #BloemGirlsRock, we profile Rorisang Setlogelo, Director of Roth Media. Rori is such a force, a girl’s girl and a great motivator. She has been spearheading for a solid 5 and a half years. But don’t just take it from us, here is why this Bloem girl ROCK!!

Rori went to Eunice Girls High School and then went on to continue her studies at WITS University. As a young girl she wrote down a list of all the businesses she wanted to own as she had been encouraged by her mother at 5 years old to think about business. Her mother took her to a Sun International development, told her about a clever business man Sol Kerzner and explained to her what a hotel was. From then on, when all the little girls would draw pictures of houses with one window and one door, she would draw huge structures with many doors and many windows. It later became one of her dreams to go into property one day.
When she told her mother that she wanted to move out of Bloem, her mother was very supportive but wanted to be aware of all the challenges she would face. She became very sales oriented in high school and started her first business in varsity when she ran a commune for free rent. She also worked for various start-ups to gain extensive knowledge on business. When she was just 20 years old, she tried her hand at construction and in the same year she also became a published poet. At 21 she finally registered a construction company with her aunts as the nudge wouldn’t leave her.

Once her studies were done she worked for Nedbank, then FNB and then for Dee Photography Studio where she eventually got to apply her business and marketing skills. She then joined SAB for 2 years as a brand ambassador which then became a 6 year journey. Looking back on her achievements thus far, Rorisang says that she has run a successful, strong and competitive creative agency for 6 years, received strong recognition at SAB for her work on global brands and won best practice, which came with an incentive trip to New York, London and Miami. “My company is profitable and that is no small achievement when you employ 10 people like me”, the business woman says.

Her biggest dreams at this point are to be the most sought after agency for brands that are ready to be brave and smash the status quo. Her personal goal is to own a broadcasting platform for her content work. “I want to one day get back into the Property and Construction space when my primary company, Roth Media is steered by a managing director I employ in my stead so I can focus on the board”

On what she misses the most about Bloem, she says that she misses the strong sense of community, the pioneering people, the kind word and everyday involvement of her community of friends. “I miss knowing that there are people, completely unencumbered by pretence, who are absolutely authentic and genuine”