Amogelang “Amo” Senyatsi is a 16 year old girl from Bloemfontein who is very passionate about hockey. Amo is a learner at St Michael’s School for Girls and she has been selected to take part in a hockey tournament that will be hosted in Holland.

Amo describes herself as a diligent, hardworking and strong academic performer. She says “I would love to achieve even greater things in future, one of them being a player for the SA National team and studying in the Netherlands”.

Amo’s greatest achievement thus far has been representing her province throughout the years since the age of 10 years. “I am very passionate about hockey; I live hockey, I breathe hockey” said Amo. One of the things on top of her list would be to accept the honour of attending the Invitational Hockey Tour as part of the team representing South Africa to go to the Netherlands from 22 September until the 3rd October 2019.

Amo was selected by a panel of professional selectors based on her performance during the ECHS Hockey Tournament, to represent South Africa with other talented players. She however, needs financial assistance to make her dream a reality. “My current goal is to perform well in academics so that I can study at a university in the Netherlands”, she added.

The total cost of the trip is R43,990, which excludes her Schengen visa application and other ancillary expenses. Amogelang is humbly requesting for financial assistance to reach her dream.

“With your help, I am one step closer to reaching my dream” she added.

Her banking details are below :


ACCOUNT NUMBER : 6274 505 9750

BRANCH CODE :  250 655