Ayanda Gigi & Rea Mabine.

Many people have/ may have a different perception of whom they think we are. When given a minute to tell the world about Reabetswe Mabine, who would you say she is? Who is Reabetswe Mabine?

I am a marketing and communication strategist who runs a brand and marketing consultancy that helps startups and small businesses start and position their businesses competitively in their industry with effective marketing and communication strategies, as well as strategic brand development.

As young as you may be you’ve cracked what many people see as a glass-ceiling and redefined ageism in the corporate world. How do you do it? Is it easy or nerve-racking?

Planning is key in the corporate world; always start with the end goal in mind. This will help guide you along the journey and will define the steps that you need to take to reach your goal. It is not easy, as the corporate world is highly competitive, fast-paced and at times requires you to work under pressure.

Back in 2018/19 I was part of the “Phenomenal Women Youth Group” representing Bloem Girls Rock. What I can recall from those gatherings was how the organization pushed for women empowerment. Young women were supporting and encouraging one another in spaces of business.

*Are you still part of the group?

– I served as the Youth President of Phenomenal Woman Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2018-2020. My role currently is to serve as an advisor to the new executive committee.

*If yes, is it still accessible for people who are/ may be interested?

– Yes, it is and has grown immensely since the Youth Chapter was launched in 2017/2018. We have formed strategic relationships with youth and business empowerment entities and as a result have been able to successfully assist up and, coming young businesswomen with funding, access to markets, mentorship, etc.

*If not, are you part of any association that advocates for young women in business?

– I serve as an advisor to the Youth executive of the Phenomenal Woman Youth Chapter and I am involved with Brand SA as a ‘Play your part’ brand ambassador.

Hypothetically speaking let’s say “Here’s a fresh Communications graduate, and they want to venture into corporate and start their business, but they are doubtful.

*How would you go about advising them?

A degree gives you background knowledge and the tools to be somewhat effective in your profession, but it is not enough as other factors come into play. Such as:

  • Deciding which specific career path, you want to follow within the field. As Marketing and Communications is a broad field, you must decide if you want to go into digital marketing, social media, strategy creation, etc.
  • From then on you must have an end goal in mind, which is where you ultimately see yourself
  • And lastly, you must define what steps need to be taken for you to get there. And create a plan that will help you achieve your goal.

*Is it crucial to have experience, or if you are driven and you’re passionate you’re good to go?

Passion is extremely important, however, experience, consistency, and discipline will ultimately help you succeed.

How has the journey of being a young businesswoman been in an industry mostly populated by men? Given that it is rare to find women in managerial positions, such as being a CEO, COO, and so forth?

*Does it come with pressure?

Being a woman in any sphere of corporate or business is difficult, but there has been some change due to women who pioneered in these industries and paved the way for up and coming women like us. Of course, there are new challenges every day however, I had decided when I started my professional and business journey that I wanted to be a breaker of stereotypes and that I want to overcome boundaries and barriers that have been put in my way as a black woman.

Please share with us your biggest highlights since our last encounter, any achievements you’d like us to know about?

– In 2018 received the Free State Young Woman of Achievement Award by the Heroines Awards, due to my involvement with youth empowerment achievements

– I recently ventured into property investment, which is an industry that is tough to break into due to historical racial sanctions that disadvantaged certain groups. So that was a monumental moment for me.

– I have since grown immensely in my professional career and business, occupying spaces and positions that I previously did not qualify for, and now am making an influential impact.

Lastly, how can people reach you when they require your services?

*Social media pages, that people can follow.

– Instagram: Rea_Mabine

– Facebook: Reabetswe Mabine

– Email: info@purplep.co.za/ r.mabine@live.co.za