This youth month we had a chat with the founder of Young Driven Ladies Palesa Ramabolu, also known as Missy and Tshegofatso Nthuping identified by many as Boss Lady the founder of So Impressive Events. Palesa and Tsegofatso are partners they established Tissue Talk and Cocktails in 2018, an initiative that is an extension of Young Driven Ladies but with a focus on relationships and how can people make better partnerships.

Palesa is a teacher, a speaker, and calls herself a social behavioral influencer and developing that brand she saw it fit that the brand Missy grows into a partnership with Boss Lady because she is an events expert. The partnership between the two ladies started in 2018 they were business acquaintances, and after an event hosted by Missy for Young Driven Ladies, Tshegofatso was extremely interested in being part of the initiative because she saw it was an exceptionally good cause where women come together to lift each other up. Palesa is the founder of Young Driven Ladies a platform she created to empower women through series of events, such as networking, fitness, and brand growth. With a specific purpose with regards to events that is what Young Driven Ladies is all about and it is exactly about what is being advocated by Boss Lady, and Missy as separate brands.

In terms of tissue talk and cocktails, they gather women around and talk about various topics, such as relationships and how can they better partnerships and it came from a hashtag in 2018. As most people were having a difficult time trying to figure themselves the two ladies saw an opportunity for women but most importantly, they resonated with that hashtag. Palesa mentioned going through some tough times as well “It was a personal experience that I just wanted to give to my friends”, and that is how tissue talk and cocktails came about. The irony behind everything is when women get together to drink cocktails they eventually laughing at their struggles and they can make a conscious decision and end up confronting obstacles. The cocktail aspect is about walking away tipsy, but happy at the same time and having a better outlook on life.

They develop a theme every year and advocate for self-love, self-care, self-worth, and healing. They also put an emphasis on the fact that women need to start bracing or discovering their worth, they should love themselves and there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself whenever you can or want. Pursuit of Healthy love is what they have covered this year, they teach each other principles of how to be selfish versus how to be selfless, when to be selfless, and when to be selfish in a relationship. “How do you become a healthy individual? Loving yourself, loving your space, living in a place for you to become the healthy partner in the relationship”. These are some of the topics covered in their sessions depending on the theme of the year.

The ladies mentioned like any business they also have their own challenges in their respective fields, three of these businesses have their own unique aspects but challenges make them wiser. For Tissue Talk and Cocktails in terms of planning, they need to look into finding a suitable venue for the event, which they are extremely specific about.  Because they need a venue that that is suitable for the event as they set a standard for themselves. “We just don’t want to go for anything that is below our standard, so it becomes difficult at times in terms of choosing the perfect venue. The setup of the event means so much to us. We want to bring our vision to life and that is where we feature so impressively”. Another challenge for them even though they do not necessarily regard it as a challenge is tapping into their own personal savings to make this dream possible. They are looking for sponsorships and hoping that ultimately will find something.

The two ladies foresee their brand growing and they want to serve a lot of content on all social media platforms and want to influence people’s behaviors, so the type of content they serve should be the one that women would relate with because they do not want to give love a negative connotation. They really want to inspire healthy love and couples that look forward to going to therapy for personal reasons or for the growth of their relationship or marriage. Palesa and Tshegofatso are looking forward to growing the movement and have more lady’s inboard, and women should expect a lot of class, a lot of depth into the content of the event. “We want to include experts, psychologists, sexologists. We’re making the conversation as interesting as possible for the pursuit of healthy love.”

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