Obakeng Moee aka “Buckss Monate” is a young man from Bloemfontein and resides in Rockland. he attended Fauna Primary School and went on to Bloem South High School where he completed his Matric, he started a business immediately after matric.

When asked what inspired him to do charity work ,Obakeng explained that he grew up in a good family and he was taught to share whatever he has with the less fortunate “I grew up with the principle that when I have more than enough and the person next to me does not have anything I should share with him or her”, the gift of giving has been within him from a very young age which led him to starting his own Foundation the “Buckss Monate SA Foundation” whereby he helps the less-fortunate his biggest inspiration is his mother as she is the one who instilled the concept of sharing in him.

He described himself as a normal person who lives by principles and aims to make a difference in people’s lives, and he stays hoping for the best he also described himself as a confident and humble person.

The Buckss Monate SA Foundation has adopted 20 kids 10 boys and 10 girls which the foundation takes to school, buy school uniform and stationery. The foundation also goes around the Township looking for children and families to assist after identifying the families the founder, Obakeng will either buy them clothes or groceries depending on what they need most. When asked what his aspirations are in regard to his Foundation, Obakeng has a dream and vision for the Foundation which is to have a big centre where they can accommodate more than 100 children and give them a home, have a computer centre and playgrounds for them.

The foundation has been running for two years now and has adopted two families which they help monthly, asked whether they have sponsors or not Obakeng mentioned that they don’t have any sponsors the foundation is reliant on donations they get from people, usually on Facebook and Twitter.

The Building Project is thus far the biggest project that they have, whereby they are  building 2 room house for a family that stays in Phase 3,Bloemfontein. They have managed to raise R4000 so far and are hoping to get more help be it financial or building materials.