Mpho Maphathe was born into a family of business men and women and that is how she learnt to make money from a very young age. Her inspiration was drawn from wanting to spend more time with her loved ones by being self-employed so she could determine her own working hours. She despised her first and only job to an extent of formally starting a business immediately when she resigned. Mpho prides herself with creating comfort and health through skin and dermatological aspects that consider the climate and different types of skin. Velvet Cosmetics is her baby and a brand that she personally developed to suit the needs of our climate in South Africa. Velvet Cosmetics was started by improving other brands to suite her specific skin needs and today there is no need for extra ingredients in the products they have developed to moisturize, shower, soak, repair and polish the entire body and of that of the whole family.

On some of the challenges she’s faced, Mpho says that as a small cosmetic manufacturing business, access to market is a complete nightmare! “Having to produce magic, only to struggle to get it onto shelves in chain stores or let alone meet the costs of the appropriate marketing tools and platforms the cosmetics industry needs can be tedious.  Work space that accommodates micro manufactures is hard to find, also the minimum quantity of quality modern or trending packaging from China is very high, so we need local and up to date packaging manufacturers.”

Mpho is also proud of establishing a product that meets the needs of the modern man and woman of today, and achieving her own unique fragrance in each Velvet Cosmetics product. She strongly believes that more is coming in terms of big sales, international relations and chain store listings and says she rocks because she is a phenomenal woman through and through because she shares and encourages many women to follow their dreams by mentoring young women like herself in her industry and in business in general. Her business skills include connections and her experience has helped build many growing SMME’s, and till today all her friends are her business colleagues.

Her biggest pride and motivation is her son and her desire travel the world and enhance her natural creativity. Mpho dreams of one day running a huge manufacturing plant that contracts and manufactures cosmetics and sources locally farmed ingredients to boost the economy and create jobs.  “I strive to expand from manufacturing to Agro Processing as they are linked.” She also wants to be the next Nivea and even more, satisfying the middle class to high end users of basic and luxury cosmetics.