Affectionately known as ‘Mo’, Mosele Lepheane boasts a total of 15 years as a Sponsorship, Marketing and Events Manager of large conglomerates, a role which has established her as an astute businesswoman with impeccable negotiation and leadership skills.

Her business interests are largely vested within the marketing and farming industries. She currently owns two companies under her portfolio, namely; Mos M Farms, a Free State based farm with a strong focus in the breeding and growing of pigs, cows, sheep and goats. The other is M Squared Marketing which specialises in experiential marketing.

After many years of struggles in the marketing industry, Mosele soon realised that the events industry had become severely saturated and many corporate companies and government alike had been cutting down on entertainment and event budgets, therefore making it harder to reach greater heights. With this in mind, she did research on sustainable businesses one could venture into, and that is how her focus shifted to pig breeding. Pig production may have great potential it but it came with many challenges of its own. At the peak of their business came the outbreak of listeriosis in South Africa. This had a huge impact on them because pork prices went down by almost 70%. Their suppliers are currently not taking most of the stock they have because the supply is more than the demand. They’ve since had to reduce their production until the price goes up again.

However, this hasn’t deterred her spirit because through the adversity they have been able to achieve some great feats. They are currently operating from a communal farm in Viljoenskroon on a limited space but have managed to grow their capacity by over 300% in the past three years using their own funds. When they started they only had capacity for 20 pigs but have grown to 300 pigs.

On what makes her a woman who rocks, she says she rocks because she is fearless, ambitious, is supportive of other entrepreneurs and is the captain of her own ship. One of her biggest dreams is to be one of the top international pork suppliers and to own an institute that develops girls into astute business women just as she is.