ICT Entreprenuer and mother of one, Masego Moncho is an avid energy efficiency enthusiast who has the vision of extending IT expertise and experience to the most citizens. She sees herself as a driven and passionate ICT PRACTITIONER/Entrepreneur seeking for change and sustainability in the industry.

“I am a firm believer that entrepreneurship can be used as a tool to develop, guide and grow the sector. I am exceptionally open to take on challenges of developing others using my skills and expertise.” She is very passionate about the technology industry, studied at Central University of Technology in the Free State and also pursued Post-Grad and International certification. Technology is ever-evolving she always ensures that she keeps up with the latest trends in the industry and shares with those coming after her about the phenomenon that is ICT and The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which lies very close to her heart.

Masego mentions her greatest achievements as having participated in the International Telecommunication Union in 2018 as a delegate. She has also participated at SITA National Women Event as a Speaker in 2018 and she has participated at the Africa to Africa Women in ICT Conference in 2019.

Masego is known amongst her peers in the industry as a strategic player and implementer. Her passion in economic transformation, managerial leadership and inclusion has been noticed through the years, she was committed and participated both at Provincial and National structures of BMF from 2005 while still at university.

She is currently running 4th Industrial Revolution projects focusing on cyber-security and IOT to ensuring professionals, youth, scholars and executives are capacitated and not left behind since we are in the digital era.