This week in #BloemGirlsRock, we profile Tshadi Malay 👑
Mantshadi is a Bloem Girl that ROCKS because she saw an opportunity to go out into the world and gain all types of skills she could use to uplift and empower the people of her city. She went to Eunice Girls High School and then went on to further her studies at the University of Johannesburg. “As a girl from Bloem, I always believed there’s more out there in the world and I needed to be counted as one of the people that have made a mark in the world” she says.

Having been in boarding school from the tender age of 8, Mantshadi has always been an independent little girl who knew that she could conquer the world and that is how she decided to move away from home and go to Johannesburg even though the people in her life thought that the big city would swallow her up, as many people believe about the notorious city.

She has two degrees, one in B.Sc IT and currently completing her Bachelors in Business Administration. Her very first job she worked as a JAVA developer at ABSA but is now a manager at one of the top Auditing firms in our South Africa. She’s now also started her own hair care range called Nalane and she has dreams of it becoming a household name across the continent and globally. “I want to see it being a proudly African brand that can compete and be the equivalents and the likes of L’Oreal and Revlon in the beauty industry”, the business woman says.

Her other dreams include being able to own her time and work at her own pace, preferably sipping on a cocktail on the beach somewhere on the Mediterranean coast while her money does all the work for her and she has aspirations for all Africans to remember who they are as a people and the power that they all hold within them to change their lives for the better.

On what she misses the most about Bloem, Tshadi says that she misses how close everything is in Bloem contrary to having to drive for more than 30 minutes to an hour to get to ones destination in Johannesburg. Continue to ROCK and inspiring other awesome girls in Bloem and beyond!!!