On this beautiful Women’s day, here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. Our Bloem girl who rocks is Leah Molatseli. Firstly, we need to share that, we had already had Leah as one of the Girls who we would be profiling this month, however she still received additional nominations, I mean🙌🙌. We were truly impressed, this further confirms that our nominations list is right on track.

Leah went to Roseview Primary School and later Brebner High School in Bloemfontein. She then went to the University of the Free State where she fearlessly completed her LLB degree.
We asked Leah to tell us her dreams when she was young as a girl from Bloem and this is what she had to say: “I always dreamt of being a lawyer, I always saw myself walking down court steps in a court robe. That’s why even from a young age, I intentionally took debating and public speaking and decided to ensure I could properly articulate myself in English, I understood that if I had command of the English language I would be able to best represent both myself and prospective clients in the future”.

Leah’s 1st informal job was selling juice with her dad, in 2010 Leah first became a Candidate Attorney at UFS Law Clinic, in 2012 she moved on to become PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANT at Hill Mchardy & Herbst. 2013 saw her become an Associate Attorney at Phatshoane Henney Attorneys.
Lenoma Legal a force to be reckoned with was established singlehandedly by our girl who rocks in 2016, a legal tech company in Bloemfontein which focuses on helping small businesses with their commercial and labour matters through the use of technology www.lenoma.co.za

Leah has achieved so much and she is not even 30 yet, I mean!! Some of her achievements are;
A nomination as one of the top 50 inspirational South African Women In Technology. #InspiringFiftySA an initiative to celebrate and highlight women in tech, powered by #Cocreate and Netherlands Embassy in SA in 2017, also being accepted into #WomenInTech Accelerator Program by Standard Bank SA in 2017 – to mention a few.

Her dream is to become the market leader in Africa for online legal services.

With all these achievements, Leah has also had her ups and downs and faced a lot of challenges like we all do, what makes her special is that she never let those hurdles define her, she defined her own damn self like a true #BloemGirl does, and for that Leah you truly Rock!! Imbokodo!! #BloemGirlsRock