Today we are profiling Kgaketsang Mathobisa, a 22-year-old born and raised in an all-female household in Bochabela, Bloemfontein in the Free State Province. Currently, she is a 3rd-year student pursuing her BA degree in Integrated Organisational Communication at the University of the Free State.

Her childhood background did help her become the person she turned out to be, being raised in an all-women household has made her relate better and understand that women are powerful and resilient in so many different ways. One of the values she learned from her mother, grandmother, and her two aunts just by witnessing them is how important it is to know who you are and what it is that you stand for and she carries that in her.

“My drive has definitely been the picture in my mind of where I wish to see myself one day. It is in realizing that I won’t get there if I continue sitting in the corner and letting self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy get the best of me and I will say it’s not always easy to break out of that feeling, but I do realize the importance of tapping out of it”.

Kgaketsang’s modeling kickstarted in 2020 when she entered her first pageant which was Miss Free State SA. Her Miss South Africa Journey has been nothing short of amazing. She is grateful to have made it thus far in the competition and wishes to go further. So far, “I’ve learned so much from the virtual workshops we’ve had”. She definitely realizes how much of a big and important platform this is and it won’t be easy, but it is very important for one to be themselves because that’s what the organization wants to embrace and to know what it is one wishes to do with this platform.

“My advice to young women who believe that things aren’t attainable would be to things always seem unattainable unless you try. Be daring and have faith to go after your hopes and dreams because going after what you want is better than having “what if” afterthoughts”- Kgaketsang Mathobisa.