Make-Up Artist Keorapetse Wolff, was born and raised in Bloemfontein, the City of Roses. “The reason why my parents named me Keorapetse (I’ve prayed for you) is because they prayed for a little girl and obviously this ray of sunshine was born” Keora says.  According to her parents, Keora was always a quiet, neat, little lady, who didn’t love dirt and that is why she spent most of her days indoors. Keora describes herself as having been shy and so she would only express herself thoroughly through colouring books. At some point her mother realized that she loved colouring in and was quite good at it. So she would enter her into picture colouring competitions and that’s where her love for making things beautiful through colours flourished.

Keorapetse studied Beauty Therapy at Face to Face and that’s where she completed her Beauty and Aesthetics Diploma. Her big break came when she seized the opportunity to work for the big beauty brand, Bobbi Brown. She then decided to head back to school in 2015, where she completed my B.Education: Technology Degree which she’ll be graduating for in September 2019. She is currently working for Motheo Tvet College as a Beauty and Aesthetics Lecturer, whilst also running her Keora Wolff Make-Up Artistry business.

“Being a Beauty and Aesthetics lecturer includes having to deal with students who come to you and tell you that they have learned various makeup techniques from YouTubers and influencers, most of which are self-taught. While there is nothing wrong with self-taught techniques, they often lack the fundamentals of beauty therapy – e.g. sanitary requirements and restrictions. It’s challenging in that the students think that they know everything only to realize later that they actually do not.”

However, as a Professional Make-Up Artist, Keora says she hasn’t actually had to deal with any challenges as yet. The one challenge for every make-up artist would be a shortage of ranges when it comes to foundations for different skin tones and especially for women of colour.

Her dreams for the future include opening up a Beauty and Aesthetics School for disadvantaged individuals, in order for them to join in on the experience as well because most Beauty Schools are inaccessible with regards to the fees and Keora believes that one of the factors preventing individuals from pursuing their greatest passions and achieving their truest calling is because of how limiting the size of their pockets can be.

Keora counts starting her career as a Beauty and Aesthetics Lecturer as one of the achievements she’s most proud of because she gets the opportunity to teach what she loves. “I’m passionate about women empowerment and the fact that I get to make them feel good about themselves and confident without them needing to seek affirmation or approval from their counterparts is fulfilling. I want women to learn how to be independent and educate themselves, instead of having to dependent on the opposite sex.”

You can get in contact with Keora Wolff Make-Up Artistry by following their page on Instagram @keora_wolffmakeup