Tshego Sebitloane

Meet 26-year-old Kelebogile Caroline Mocumi from Bloemfontein.

Kele was born and bred in Bloemfontein, she started school at Tebelelo Primary School and went on to attend Atlhehang High School after matric she went to the Central University of Technology to study Civil Engineering and is currently doing her B-Tech in Civil Engineering.

She describes herself as “a simple young woman, who loves beautiful spaces, clothes and accessories” and also loves learning new things on a daily basis whether it’s educational or not.

Kele works for a “world-class heavy haul freight company” as she describes it, that specialises in the transportation of freight across the country and internationally as an engineering technician, in a division that specializes in rehabilitation ,maintenance and emergency services for all infrastructures , that makes it possible for the company to reach its target and satisfy clients she explained.

When asked who inspires she answered, “I have so many people that inspire me, my mother is one of those women”. Kele is also inspired by Asanda Mali, who went from being a mechanical engineering student to a self-taught fashion designer saying that her life story will forever be close to her heart. According to Kele, there are paths we choose for ourselves and there are paths God chose for us to glide and flourish in.

Kele has also done lipstick paintings and her mother gave her two wooden frames to use as part of her new bedroom, while she was doing the interior deco for her room she knew that she would spray paint on them. “I knew from the word go that I was going to spray them with three of my most metallic colours”.  She used her favourite colour lipsticks for the paintings, “I went through my lipsticks and took all the colours that I loved and arranged them in a spectrum, I swiped them on a clean page and loved them, I knew I had to use them as my main décor items” she added.

Kele has always loved having clothes custom made for her, but not knowing how to make specific ones. It was always a hassle to find a seamstress. In December 2018, her best friend taught her the basics of operating a sewing machine and since then she has made a few items for herself.