Meet Kelebogile Ingrid Baboile, the 25 year old founder of “A Step To Brilliance“ who was born and bred in Bloemfontein and raised by a single mother.

Kelebogile holds a Diploma and BTech in Language Practice obtained from the Central University of Technology. “A Step To Brilliance” are extra classes and an after school tutoring programme which focuses on academic learning, remedial actions, community service learning, homework support and life skills activities. The classes are for kids in Grade 1-7.

When she started with the classes, she had one module left to complete her degree and as she says “it was a way to cure boredom”.  She started with “Cool Kiddies Extra Classes” having two learners and it took place at her home, in a garage. She later got a job to teach at Kimberly Boys High which lasted for a year.

Upon her return to Bloemfontein, Kelebogile continued with her classes but this time she had a different vision and that is when she started the “A Step To Brilliance” extra classes. ASB does not only focus on academic improvement, but it also focuses on things like arts and crafts, public speaking, reading club and most importantly the development of new skills and interests.

Asked about the challenges she faces, she explains that even when she worked as a teacher she used to struggle with learners that were academically challenged. She further explained that such learners lose interest easily due to their poor performance and then opt to be part of the unruly learners.

Another challenge she faces is lack of resources; things such as desks, white board and stationery. Her biggest wish is to get donations to buy the things she needs like dictionaries, reading materials and art materials. ‘’As a tutor I’m challenged with not being able to print out activities, I write them out and provide notes to the learners.”

She recently hosted a fun day to give learners the chance to be challenged through educational and social games such as partaking in Maths quizzes, crossword puzzles, sag race and so on. “It also gave parents a chance to be childlike by partaking in games such as egg race and 30seconds”.

The classes take place at Edna-Rita Preschool in Grassland and they take place during the week and on Saturdays as well. We truly command Kelebogile for making a difference in children’s lives at young age as foundation is very important.