Coffee Cupping / Tasting in Bloemfontein

By Thobeka Thobby Dywili


Imagine walking into a room full of coffee blends; freshly baked goodies and warm smiles. That’s exactly what I experienced at a coffee cupping I attended on the 09th January 2019, at ‘A little Guesthouse’ in Bloemfontein. This event was in collaboration with Zaheer Hanzcor from ALTAKAFÉ and Azhar Khan from Wingman Coffee Consultants. They shared some very interesting and brag-worthy insights into the look, the aroma and the taste of coffee. We were hosted by Adrian Nel from HomeBrew, with welcome goodies and refreshments provided by the wonderful ladies at ‘A little GuestHouse’.

From learning the art of selecting the perfect coffee blend to actually making the perfect cup, guests were treated to a caffeine experience unlike any other. We also had the privilege of watching renowned local coffee roasters and baristas cupping some speciality Brazil coffee. Turns out, you are allowed to slurp your coffee while tasting as this is the quickest way it reaches the tongue’s palette.

As if the marvellous treats, great company and valuable coffee lessons weren’t enough, guests were treated to coffee chemex with Adrian, which is a slower and richer coffee brewing method.

Bloemfontein has its little gems and the incredible people that live in it. Discover these for yourself!