#BloemGirlsRock has partnered with Mimi Women, a proudly South African company that produces sanitary pads and distributes them to underprivileged girls in mostly disadvantaged communities.

Mimi Women was founded by Ramona Kasavan, who witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by young girls with regards to periods in rural areas. The company then partnered with Matefo M. Morakeng, to run a Buy and Donate Sanitary Pads Campaign for underprivileged girls. This after seeing the need in most disadvantaged communities with girls having to miss school because of their periods. With the provision of Mimi Sanitary Pads, girls can confidently go out into the world with their heads held high, and not have to worry about spotting their clothes and feeling shameful of this already tough period every month. They do not miss out on their lives and a sense of dignity is restored to them in essence, they are able to Own Their Confidence.

Matefo has always been passionate about women and the youth. She is the host of an ever growing annual young entrepreneurs conference and expo held in Bloemfontein. The event brings together young entrepreneurs from across the province to connect, discuss, inspire and motivate each other. She is also currently working with groups of women from Marquard, Clocolan, Senekal to assist them with projects to enable them to make extra income and she plans to establish such groups in other small towns in the Free State province. She is funding this project from her own pocket. “It’s Possible”.

With this collaboration and Matefo’s Buy and Donate Sanitary Pads Campaign, a combo of two strong, female headed brands working together to uplift younger girls to fight the urge to just sit back and allow life to happen to them, is raising young warriors who can stand against any demeaning circumstance and find a way out to better themselves and better their lives so that they too can one day help other girls in need.

If you visit our donate page https://bloemgirlsrock.org/donate/ you can also help in uplifting the thousands of young girls who have to go through an already uncomfortable experience but can’t afford to make it bearable. Please pledge any amount of packs you can to keep a girl child from missing school.