On Friday, February 27th we had our first brunch for 2021, the day was successfully planned and executed by EpiCtee https://www.epictee.co.za/ from deco, food, and all the aesthetics. Reflecting on our first picnic there is a huge difference, the girls have grown to be ambitious young women who are now enrolled in different universities and colleges. We managed to build strong and independent young women who value education and have a different perception of life.

We had guest speakers who mentored our girls, the likes of Matlhodi Leeuw, Dipalesa Mbola and Laila Nyane, the day was full of joy and our girls had so much fun. Those who enrolled for the first time in university shared their excitement, and those who are currently in university had few advices for our first-year students and what they should expect given that the environment is not the same.

In conclusion, the foundation managed to reach its objective and take the Girls out of their environment and show them how beautiful the world around them is, furthermore, we managed to change the narrative behind higher education.