This month on #BloemGirlsRock we profile the amazing Akhona Monakali who is the founder and CEO of Monakali Academy a brand new in-house tutoring company that provides high quality, individualised tutoring to students in the security of their homes, at times convenient to parents.

Akhona is a driven lady who moved to Bloem from the Eastern Cape where she was attending Alitalia North High School and matriculated at Navalsig High School. She then furthered her studies at the University of the Free State (UFS) and completed her B.Com Accounting Degree in 2010.

Akhona did her articles at Auditor General SA where she worked as an auditor trainee in Pretoria until 2016. She is currently back in school and doing her B.Com Honors degree at UFS and this is how the Monakali Academy was conceptualised.

While she was studying for her CTA she realized that she needed tutors for the subjects that she struggled with and therefore, Monakali Academy came about because she saw a gap. At the time, the only ways to study were the orthodox ways such as alone or with a group. She was then inspired to help a family friend by crafting the first year subjects she was excellent in and the student passed extremely well with this help. As she assisted a few more students, she noticed that there was a demand for her skills and decided to turn this into a formal and lucrative business to help even more.

From a young age, Akhona has been passionate about people and business. In high school she would attend seminars, business talks and watch business feeding shows to broaden her business knowledge and also read inspirational books that focused on business extensively. It was all the information she gathered from the books and seminars that propelled her into following her dreams with such vigour.

She currently has tutoring seminars in and around Bloemfontein and has even extended her services to other universities across the country including University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria and Pearson Academy to mention a few.

Akhona understands the importance of education and how important it is to receive assistance in the pursuit of that education. Most lecturers only leave the teaching to the lecture halls but fail to recognize just how many students need help outside those walls to be the best they can be and for that, Akhona is a Bloem Girl that ROCKS because she used her own experiences that could have set her back, to help others in need.👑