#One PackOneChild in partnership with Black Bistro Lounge and Dear Bella are hosting a Lend-A-Hand “Breakfast with a Purpose” on the 24th November at Black Bistro Lounge in support of girls from impoverished families. The aim of the event is to raise funds and collect sanitary towels and toiletries for the less fortunate and to bring awareness to the community about the shortages and unavailability of such necessities to girls. The partnership with Dear Bella, which is a local and Black Female owned company which produces sanitary towels is to bring more awareness to the community as they have also been the main sponsor for #OnePackOneChild.

#OnePackOneChild is an initiative based and founded in Bloemfontein in May 2018, which was started to help raise donations in the form of sanitary pads and toiletries to help a girl child. The idea came about after realizing that there is a genuine and desperate need for sanitary pads and toiletries for girls in schools who are unable to afford them. It is an everyday struggle to access sanitary pads and toiletries for many of the girls and their poverty stricken families and that is how #OnePackOneChild came up with the idea to assist in any possible way, regardless how small the gesture may seem and include the community so that they can reach more girls.

Their main aim is to assist schools with the absenteeism issues they have to deal with every month where girls have to miss school because they don’t have any sanitary towels and toiletries. It is also to assist with hygiene which is essential for any girl during this time. Often girls from less fortunate homes have to use unsanitary old cloths and other unhygienic methods to be able to cope with their periods or menstrual cycle. The unavailability of sanitary towels and toiletries affect a girl child’s self-esteem and confidence, it also exposes them to a number of infections which might affect them in the future as grown women.

Their beneficiaries include quite a few schools, namely Vulamasango SS, Albertina Sisulu SS, Nteboheng Intermediate School and Chebelopele Primary school to mention a few. However, the vision is to include even more schools.

We hope to see you all there on the 24th November at Black Bistro Lounge.

For any enquiries, use the contact details listed below…

Email: onepackonechild@gmail.com

Cell: 081 374 2624

Cell: 079 921 7616

Cell: 079 474 5697

Instagram:  onepackonechild

Facebook:  onepackonechild