Jane Mpholo was born and raised in Botshabelo in the Free State and is the last born daughter of Joseph and Jeminah Mpholo. Just like most siblings, she grew up with a love hate relationship with her sister because she wanted all the attention to herself but her sister wouldn’t have it and her brother was away studying so they didn’t spend much time together either. However, as time went on she got older and wiser and became closer to her sister and mother. She says she looked up to them and wanted to be just like them in every way possible.

Growing up she always thought she would become a doctor but God had other plans and she ended up being an artist. Jane studied Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Free State and is now a professional theatre maker.

On some of the challenges she’s had to face, Jane says “being a female artist is the toughest yet most beautiful journey ever. The main challenge I have is being looked at as a sex object, or being looked down on or even told I shouldn’t act certain ways just because I am a woman. As a woman, I constantly have to work five times as hard. My talent is always on the background because people, especially male directors, always see me as a beautiful woman before I am a talented artist. I had to turn down a lot of jobs based on that”

Jane counts being able to find herself through art as her biggest achievement because she was raped at the tender age of 13, lost both her parents to HIV when she was 17 and she says it was through art that she got back to herself even stronger than before. When she was 25 tragedy struck again when her sister died horrifically when her husband burned them both down. She was able to find healing through her art and lives her life purposefully by giving talks to young women on gender based violence and femicide.

She currently has 2 published books that are based on her life and a show called Psalm69 which has been touring and been showcased at the Global Leadership Summit 2018.She has turned her life story into art and is changing lives and inspiring the nation. She’s also a performer in an International show called Alpha, something a whole lot of people can only dream of.

“But above everything, being a mother to my nephew despite all the trauma and challenges is my biggest triumph. I am raising a strong man”, she says. “I have gone through the most but I never play the victim. I never feel sorry for myself. It does hurt, but I use that hurt to live a purposeful life. I have turned what was against me, for me. Only strong women can do that” and that is exactly why she rocks!

Her future plans are to reach more women, children and men and to empower them to make the most of their lives despite the challenges they may be faced with. She intends to use even bigger platforms of art and multimedia to change lives through her talent. 50 years down the line, she wants to be able to say “Girl, you rocked, you rock and you always will!”